Monday, 18 June 2007

The Young Artist
By Mary Arthur
SHE sat among the whisp'ring woods,
With wild flowers at her feet,
And heard from out the glossy leaves
A murmur soft and sweet;
Yet not the music or the balm
Had stirred the lady's thought-
A spell of deeper, fuller power
Had there its magic wrought.
A vision rose before her, bright
As dreams of hope can be,
And wakened to a new delight
Her fancy bold and free:
A dream of fame and glory,
When years of toil were flown,
When all the weariness was past,
And brightness all her own.
"I will win a radiant future!
It shall glow with colors rare,
And the great and noble of the earth
Shall pour their tributes there.
Oh, is it not a glorious gift,
This living, proud desire,
That gladdens with its brilliancy,
And warms me with its fire.
"No wavering doubt shall hold me
From the point I hope to win;
Nor will I need the world's applause
When satisfied within.
I will pass through all the shadows
That cluster round my way,
And only feel the darkness past
When reigns for me the day."

Friday, 8 June 2007

Homework, homework and more homework

Well it has been a while since my last blog.... This is because, at school we are coming up to the end of term and it is keeping me pretty occupied. All of the exams and assignments are a lot of work. Today at school I was in art and at the moment we are doing lino printing. Lino printing is a pretty hard and messy part of art and even as I write this now I look at my hands and they are covered in black ink. Anyway I was up to my final print and I really wanted it to work out. As I pulled the paper away from the inked lino block I am amazed to find that it was perfect, not an ink smudge or uneven part to be seen. I was so excited that I showed the teacher. She thought it was brilliant and told me that I had to enter it into an upcoming art competition. How exciting is that. I am so excited!!!! She also told me that I should enter some of my other works of art into the competition. If I win my artwork could be put in one of the art galleries in town. That would be so awesome. If you have a hobby or something that you love to do enjoy every moment of it ....