Friday, 6 July 2007

Kirstie's Corner

The new addition to my bedroom is an old club lounge. I have always wanted a corner in my room that i can just sit, relax and read. As i am a lover of pink i have put a pink pillow and a warm cuddly blanket in pink on it to make the chair look more like me.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Inspiring People

In the eyes of my most loved book characters the world seems so simple and sweet. Every smell, every touch and every word is thought of and cherished. As i sit here writing this, i start to see the world around me as she does. The sweet sound of silence surrounds me with a wave of beauty. With every day that passes i start to believe in what she says. The world we live in has so much to give but isn't always seen. All of the small things are then lost and are hard to find again. But it is in all of us, the special gift to be able to find ones simple joys. So that life doesn't seem so unforgivable and unkind. If each one of us could do that, the world we live in could become a place, people only thought possible in their dreams. The character I was thinking of was Anne from Anne of Green gables. She saw life with such grace that she inspires me do to the same each day.