Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Well as you can all see my blog has had a major makeover!! I thought it was time for me to reinvent it just in time for the New Year. 2009 will soon be upon us which means another year has passed by and once again failed to take me with it. Time is a certainty of life that sometimes travels to fast or to slow but will inevitably continue to tick tock in the back of our heads. When looking back on this last year the time spent thinking of whether the decisions i made were for the best or whether i could have done better than a B+ ive come to the conclusion that none of that really truly matters because in life we are all given a certain amount of time on this planet. If we waste percious moments worrying about all the small if's and but's than we are wasting the time that could be spent watching the graceful clouds float across the crystal clear blue sky or appreciating the kind words said by people that mean the most to you! So my New Years resolution is ..... TO STOP THINKING! lol! Happy New Year Everyone!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


For my last english assesment for the year i was told to write a poem describing the World War II Holocaust and concentration camps. This is it, What do you think??


The fence was first,
It screamed with the knowledge,
I would never pass through its gates alive again.
The barbed wire stood high and tall,
Surrendering to the men that stood rigid in the watch towers above.
I knew nothing of the terror,
I knew nothing of the death,
Only of peace and freedom.

The soldiers came towards us,
A heard of angry beasts waiting to kill.
Their raw racist resentment tore apart loved ones,
No mercy in their haunting eyes.
I knew nothing of the saddness,
I knew nothing of the loss,
Only of peace and freedom.

Hundreds, millions of people,
Surrounded by the feeling of disgusted damaged disbelief.
One mans face was that of a helpless child,
His body a lifeless sheild.
I knew nothing of the pain,
I knew nothing of the loneliness,
Only of peace and freedom.

Down the abandonded stairs,
Into the dark unknown.
I reach for the hand of my son,
Pure fear overwhelms us all.
The atmosphere is like a choking breath,
Blackness ehgulfs us.
I now know nothing of peace,
I now know nothing of freedom,
Only of death and terror.

By Kirstie Penton