Friday, 6 July 2007

Kirstie's Corner

The new addition to my bedroom is an old club lounge. I have always wanted a corner in my room that i can just sit, relax and read. As i am a lover of pink i have put a pink pillow and a warm cuddly blanket in pink on it to make the chair look more like me.


Christine said...

oh kirstie,
what a pretty corner for you to read from. Your armoire is just gorgeous. I would have loved to have such a special place like that in my room gowing up. I shared my room with my sister and 2 brothers for awhile when we were growing up, so my secret reading place was usually on top of the haystack -if it was warm enough and if I had my chores all done.
Make sure that you always have a nice quiet little place for yourself.
tak good care,
Katie's mum
ps. thanks so much for the photos yesterday! What fun!

WendyW said...

Hi Kirstie
What a beautiful room .... a special little corner to curl up and read and write and think and dream .... what gorgeous photos of a gorgeous room ... like mum,like daughter!
My Best wishes to you

Angela Louise said...

Kirstie, I love, love, LOVE your room AND your photos. You have inspired me to take a closer look at my room and see what else I can do. I have a dresser that was my great Grandma's that I got when I was about twelve. It is very special to me but I have never really liked the dark wood...of course I want to paint it white but I get frowned on by my dad (who did it up) at the mere suggestion of it.Well, now that I am 40 I think it's time to make a stand! White it shall be! How we girls care what our father's think hey? Anyway, we only live once so I think I'll do what makes me happiest.
I forgot to tell you how much I like your painting you did and that at first I thought it was the cover of a book on your blog,
happy school term,

Secret Leaves said...

Kirstie, your room is very beautiful. The club chair in the corner looks like a cozy spot to get lost in a book. I too was a bookworm when I was a teen. It's a good habit! Wish I read more now...

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