Sunday, 18 November 2007


For my english assignment we had to right a descriptive story. I thought i would show you all mine. This is your first instalment of ONE WRITERS LIFE by me.

As I sit and watch the cattle graze slowly over the soft, luscious green grass, I wonder what their thinking, whether it is of the bright blue, crystal clear sky that lies over head or the annoying swarm of flies that come by there hundreds this time of year. I think of my glorious life and what I have done… This is, my journey.

They called me Clara-Jane that rainy summer night when I was born. I came into the world with my dark hazel eyes growing, searching and looking for something. My mother always used to say that from the moment I was born she knew I would do great things in life all because of my beaming eyes and later my exquisite smile that could make people happy every time I walked into a room. I grew up in a little country town on weeping willow farm. It was my home and I loved it.


Jono said...

I love it. If this was published I'd buy it.

Katie said...

Beautiful start! Can't wait to read part I go!