Friday, 3 August 2007


Today one of my friends asked me why i am always happy and so nice to everyone. They couldn't believe that i would be able to just be happy all the time and not lose my temper. This is my answer to that question. When the world can seem so unforgiving, having someone give you a smile or saying a cheery Good morning, can make you feel like everything is not lost. When people treat you the way no one should be treated sometimes there is no need in feeling bad about it because they are not worth forgetting how to smile over. If you forgot how to smile, that is when everything would truly be lost. So whenever you are feeling down remember to smile and everything will feel right again. ( and for anyone that thinks that is cheesey, CHEESY IS AWESOME)


"A smile can complete an outfit. You might have the perfect shoes, perfect purse, perfect pants, perfect shirt, perfect hair, and perfect everything, but without a smile the outfit isn't complete. Even if you don't think your outfit is great, smile and it will be great."

"A smile can go a long way. One smile can change a person's whole day."

"A SMILE is an inexpensive way to improve your looks."


Christine said...

such a wise young woman you are Kirstie...whenever I read your posts I always come away feeling such hope for the generations coming along...your parents have certainly taught you & Andrew the important things in life.
thank your for sharing your heart.
katie's mum

Katie said...

Do you know Kirstie that I've thought of that question lots of times...why are some people so unaccustomed to smiling, happy girls like you? It is sad that the world is more use to hardship and heartache and sadness, but you are SO right, smiles are contagious, and have you noticed that being nice to someone makes them want to be nice to someone else, and so it goes...think of the happiness you pass along just by smiling at one person. You are a joy and a bright light in this world, Kirstie. Thank you.

Christine said...

Now dear Kirstie,
in honor of that glorious new smile that you are wearing---
I hope that you will share a photo of you with your beautiful smile,

Katie's Mum

KJ said...

Hello Kirstie!

Wow, I am blown away with what a cozy book-looking spot you have here! And, you have such a maturity about YOU!

My name is Kj and I live in Southern California. My daughter is 20 and I have 2 sons, one of which will be a teenager in just a couple of months.

I was tagged with a "Meme" and now, because you look like someone fun to know, I am tagging YOU! I am endeavoring to meet interesting people whom I have never met. The tag is simple and the directions are on my site. I teach Voice and Drama to teens and I love the vitality that they bring into my life!

Best Blessings, kj

Sharon said...

take 28.. am trying to leave a comment - but keep forgetting password and can't seem to change it

Sharon said...

Hi Kirstie, Sorry about previous comment..But I think I have cracked the code? Keep up the lovely thoughts you have and know there are people out there who read you blog just for inspiration - and to know the younger generation can have beautiful thoughts and dreams...

salina said...

I have a ten year old daughter and how I wish she had someone like you around as a role model. You are such a lovely young lady. Like Christine said, it's truly heartwarming to know that there is young folks out there who actually care about more than just themselves and who want to spread a smile and a kind word whenever they can. Keep it up!
I am totally going to tell my daughter about your blog. :)
Take care,