Tuesday, 18 September 2007

More of My best buddies

As i promised i am now going to write about the rest of my fabulous gang. Who first..... There is this one guy who without having him to talk to and just having around, life would be harder. He is a pretty amazing person. Kevin hope that brings a smile to your face. Next....... Well this person is funny, awesome and so much fun to be around. I have known him forever and Matty u have changed so much. Don't worry that's a good thing!! i get along so well with him and think he is a awesome friend. OK who next...... oh i know, this person u could not forget about. She is so funny and i love her very much!!! Katey i hope u are reading this. She is a great friend and always brings a smile to my face. i also have this one friend Courtney that is so strong. She is the nicest person ever and i love her very much. Wow i am in a very loving mood. Anyway next.... she is sweet, pretty and quiet and i also love her very much. She has been my friend for so long and i hope it stays like that forever. Erica i hop eu like that.Now this friend thinks that he isn't worthy of my friendship. But he deserves more than i can give him. He is quiet but really nice and i think he is a great friend to have. Owen if u are reading this remember u are worth everything. Now lucky last is my absolutely awesome, sweet, hot and so adorable boyfriend Ned. There is this saying " Love is like friendship on fire" and i totally believe that is true!! I am so lucky to have someone so special in my life. As u can see i am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.


Jono said...

you missed someone. ME!!!! nah just kiddin. u must be in a lovin mood coz this is great!!!!

Cathy Louise said...

you are very blessed my sweet girl to have all these wonderful friends in your life... I love them all too..
Luv mum xx