Saturday, 15 September 2007

The important things

Well i have been so busy latey with school work and an ongoing social life. Life is such a interesting thing don't you think? Friends come and go, school becomes harder each year and you slowly realise that you are growing up and life doesn't wait for you to catch up. Everything is going so fast and sometimes it feels like it is all just to much. But you always have to remember what is really important in life. Not people who treat you bad or things that everyone else has and you feel you need it to, but the small things like a smile from a loved one or the evening sunset. These things are the important things. These are the things that keep you living not the latest fashion or the hot new boy at school. So just remember to live life to the max on the small things and the things that really matter.


Jono said...

I can relate to that!!!! Just not with the hot new boy at school part.

Cathy Louise said...

You inspire me constantly my sweet girl... and what you say in this blog is even true for us oldies...
Love ya
Mum xx