Thursday, 3 May 2007

The Beginning

Well this is a bit surreal for me. I have always wanted to have a blog. I, as the name of this blog describes, am a bookworm.. I just love to read. It is quite funny really because,2 years ago i hated to read, no-one could get me to read a book especially if it was a thick one. Anyway that Christmas, i got a book, it was called Tomorrow when the war began. To be polite I started to read it and found it was really good. From then on i have always read. At school i will sit there and read at lunch and my friends think i am very strange. So for all the readers out there, i say KEEP READING. It will inspire you to follow your dreams where ever they may lead.


Cathy Louise said...

What a sweet post darlin... Can't wait to see some of your beautiful photos next time Love ya

Katie said...

Kirstie Jane!! I am so excited for you! What a lady you are growing up to be - your mum must be so proud of you. Very insightful post - thankyou!

Elizabeth said...

What a nice posting - and how nice to see a teenager take an interest in something other than what you usually find on the net from a teenager.

Many smiles from St. Louis to you

vanessa said...

Hello Kirstie. Greetings from England. Just like you I was, and still am, a bookworm. Reading has taught me so much - not just about other people and places but about myself, too. There is nothing as exciting as realising that a character in a book shares a lot of my own experiences and feelings. I hope you do (and always will) find that too

Mary said...

Congratulations Kirstie on your new blog. You will make many friends around the world - I'll tell my granddaughter here in North Carolina, USA about you as she loves to read too. I've always told her that one can never be lonely or bored if one has a book to read. Keep it up, you will find it such a special part of your life......and think how smart you will always be!!
Best wishes,

Kirstie Jane said...

Thank-you to everyone who has commented on my blog. It is a new experience for me and every bit of encouragement helps!!!!
Kirstie Jane

Christine said...

hello dear Kirstie,
this is so lovely!
I wanted to tell you how much I loved reading your very first post.
Such a wise young woman.
I must confess that I was - an I still am - a book worm, too.
When I was 13, I was sure there was no better place in the world o than to be sitting atop the haystack- where I had the best birds eye view- with my favorite book and my old kitty to keep me first real book to read was when I was 9 and I found out about Laura Ingalls Wilder. My whole world suddenly changed. I had found a magic window into a wonderful world that I longed to be a part of. I could go there anaytime I wanted. I still feel that way today whenever I read these Little House books to my little grandson.
Reading leads us down wonderful paths, to wonderful worlds, some crowded and busy and some, even better, quite untrodden. The best part is that it is,wonderfully,our very own secret path.
Congratulations dear Kirstie, I look forward to reading what you have on your book list and on your mind.

Katie's Mum