Sunday, 27 May 2007


Life can bring you all kinds of things.... Can't it....
Sometimes the most unlikely , the most unexpected things happen and they effect you in such a way that it is hard to get over it. People are always doing things that are not welcome and you can't help thinking Why???? Why did you do that, Why did you say that or just plain why... Lately things like that have been happening to me. 1. One of my closest friends started to become nasty and mean.. The only thing I can think of to describe this is jealousy. You see there has been some other people hanging out with us and he acts very coldly towards them. For the reason that I get along very well with them and have not been spending as much time with him.. One of the down sides to having lots of friends is that you have to share yourself with a lot of people. Anyway Number 2. When one of your closest friends has done something horrible to you like lie about something very important your not likely to be friends with them anymore. Well what are you suppose to do when that person says sorry. Are you suppose to forgive them???? And act like everything is alright??? I have no idea... Because couldn't they just do it again and you would get hurt all over again. Don't ask me... Anyway other than complaining about everything shouldn't we spend our time thinking about all of the beautiful things in life... Like as the sun sets over the horizon or as a butterfly floats through the wintery air with graceful wings. We should spend our hours here on earth thinking and talking about all of the things we cherish in life and not all of the other stuff. So next time you walk pass some roses stop to smell them.


Angela Louise said...

Dear Kirstie, what you have to remember is that everyone is human. Sometimes you can analyse situations too much and it might be that on that day or for that week, the person that has hurt you wasn't quite themselves at that time.....tiredness, family situations, illness, a change in direction in life. It is so important to forgive without thinking of the what-ifs. This is exactly what makes a friendship, relationship and also a marriage work.It is always a big step and to many a very hard thing to say sorry. It doesn't mean you have to be a doormat- you should always speak the truth in kindness. If the other person is still "misbehaving" to the way you think they should maybe it is time to give them more space....I don't mean the silent treatment as this will never help...but to be nice to them when they are talking to you without pressuring them to instantly resolve things. Sometimes it seems that you might be the only one trying to resolve the situation but it just takes others longer. It will happen if it is meant to be.We can only do what we think is the best at the time.
One thing that I have learnt is that no matter how much we philosophize and worry it does not affect the outcome.We never account for the unexpected in our thinking,
hope things work out for you,

Secret Leaves said...

Hmmm...whether to forgive someone or not when they say they're sorry. That's a tough one. I think it might depend on the seriousness of the original offense; whether or not what they did is a pattern of ugly behavior or a one-time thing; and maybe even how important the friendship is in the first place. I guess just trust your instincts would be the best advice I can give on the subject. And don't dwell on it too much. : )

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