Sunday, 20 May 2007


Well aren't people interesting... At school I am one of those girls who hangs around with guys. In the group I hang out with, there is only one other girl and lots of boys. That is the way I like it because I get along with boys better than girls most of the time. Anyway other girls say that I flirt with boys. Now a little bit of flirting is alright but when I get one of my best friends( a girl) telling me that the only reason that guys hang out with me is because I insanely flirt with them... that hurts. I treat guys the same way as girls and sometimes think they find that strange. Anyway my mum was the same as me when she was my age so I will just call it genetic. Guys seem to be less complicated and they don't talk about you behind your back. As far as I know anyway. For anyone else out there like me I have learnt that you just have to do what is right for you and don't let any girl or guy every make you feel sad.

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Christine said...

well spoke dear Kirstie.
I have always been comfortable and much more at ease talking to guys than the girls. I do think we may have been much alike at the wise age of 13.
I really am enjoying reading your thoughts & opinions.
Such an amazing girl.

Katie's mum