Saturday, 5 May 2007




OH, give to me a chosen friend;
With whom I may compare
And mingle all my inmost thoughts,
And every pleasure share.

Sometimes, I'd steal away alone
To feast on Learning's page;
Then, Time may fly, I heed him not,
But wish each hour an age.

Yet, give me one true, faithful friend,
Who cares not for my gold,
But loves me with confiding heart,
And is nor bought, nor sold.

I then can go where duty calls;
Can minister to those
On whom Affliction's heavy hand
Hath dealt severest blows.

Or, I can smile and sing with joy,
Where faces all are bright,
And Pleasure sits in regal power,
Dispensing sweet delight.

Then is long life, with one true friend,
A something which I crave;
And thus on earth I'd journey on
With joy, unto the grave.
Today when I was on the net I found this poem from an 1850's Goodey's Lady's book... It really reminded me of how you can have so many different friends, but no-one as special as how they described friends in the poem. You would be a very lucky person if you had someone that you could share all of your closest dreams and thoughts with. Friends are said to be the closest people to you after your family and I think this is absolutely right. Without friends who would tell you if you had a bad hair day or something in your teeth and to have a shoulder to cry on or to share a good joke with... So next time you see your friends give them a hug and tell them what they mean to you.


Katie said...

I remember being just about exactly your age, and I wished and wished for a real best friend & my grandma told that when I stopped looking for one, they would come to me. She was so right! This is very insightful for a girl your age Kirstie - this post warmed my heart. Thank you!

Cathy Louise said...

I think you find as you go through life you have all different friends for all different reasons... I (as you know) am lucky to have some of the best... It will all happen for you as well my sweet girl... As I always say, treat someone how you want to be treated and good things will come back in return.. Love ya